Helloooooo everyone! Today I thought it would be nice to grab a blanket and some tea and just talk about the best parts of fall so here we go.

  1. Hot Drinks (Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, Tea, etc.)
  2. Fuzzy Blankets
  3. Fuzzy Socks (Can’t forget those)
  4. Halloween Movies
  5. Comfy Sweats
  6. Fall Scented Candle (What even is fall without one?)
  7. Pumpkin Flavored Everything
  8. Change of Colors in Trees
  9. Caramel Apples
  10. Rain
  11. Sweaters
  12. Stepping on Leaves
  13. Hay Rides
  14. Corn mazes
  15. Fireplaces
  16. Finally Boot Weather
  17. Baking
  18. Thanksgiving
  19. TV Shows Return
  20. Apples
  21. Carving Pumpkins
  22. Christmas is Getting Closer
  23. Daylight Savings (Cherish that extra hour)

Well those are some of my favorite things about fall. Comment down below what some of your favorite things about fall are and what you’d like to see on this blog! That’s all for today, I need to go get my pumpkin spice latte and then eat pumpkin bread while sitting in front of my fireplace. See you next week and don’t forget to follow my social media!


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