Hey guys! Today I’m going to tell you my top 10 favorite YouTubers. I will also link one of my favorite videos they’ve made as well, just click the video and you’ll be taken straight there. So, lets get into the post!

1.  Mel Joy

Mel Joy   Mel Joy

2. Olivia Rouyre

Olivia Rouyre  Olivia Rouyre

3. Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau  Tana Mongeau

4. Luca Whitaker

Luca Whitaker  Luca Whitaker

5. Madi Westbrook

Madi Westbrook  Madi Westbrook

6. Aspyn Ovard Ferris

Aspyn Ovard  Aspyn Ovard

7. Tara Michelle

Tara Michelle  Tara Michelle

8. Avrey Ovard

Avrey Ovard  Avrey Ovard

9. Thatssodorothy

Thatssodorothy  Thatssodorothy

10. Meredith Foster

Meredith Foster  Meredith Foster

Hope you guys liked this post, stay tuned for next weeks (my new series is starting next Friday)! Don’t forget to leave a comment with anything you want to see on this blog and follow my social media which is all linked below.



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